Thursday, July 8, 2010

So many rides, so little time!

Hello my dear friends!

Well, riding season is in FULL swing! So much so that I have been out drinking in the sun more than I have been getting blog posts ready.  Forgive me, for I am new.

So. What was my most recent run? San Francisco's Pride Parade 2010!!!
What fun.  I rode as part of a small contingent "Ladies of the Avenues" under the San Francisco Scooter Girls registry.  The theme was devil girls.  Horns were adorning both rider and bike.
This year, as is tradition, Dykes on Bikes Women's Motorcycle Contingent was in charge of the ride as a whole Damn, those are some strict women!  They laid down the law and kept everyone in their place. It was awesome.  The que up was smooth, and the ride for the most part was easy with few gaps in the process. 
This year, it seemed the route was shorter than in other years, with the turn off and parking being in roughly the same place, but more time spent getting there.
Seeing and HEARING that many scooters, motorcycles and riders packed together to support one cause and way of life was incredible!  You could barely hear yourself think over the cacophony! San Francisco knows how to throw down like no other city.
I could go on for a while, but it might be best to leave you with the video so you can see for yourselves. Keep it rubber side down, peeps!

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